Friday, March 18, 2011

Texture Part 2

Added from my iPhone, so the quality is a little bad. I will try to get a better picture up soon.

Collage Research: Alberto Seveso

Alberto Seveso lives in Rome and is now a freelance illustrator. He didn’t earn a degree from anywhere, because he mostly believes “this job doesn’t require a degree even when design schools are very important.” He does most of his work digitally, mostly through Adobe Photoshop.

Seveso usually works artistically with people’s faces. He does this by layering a famous face behind his artistic talent. He works either with or without a photographer to get his shots. After this, he moves the photos to Illustrator to create vectors, and then proceeds with Photoshop.  Artistically, he likes using swirls in his pieces. He constantly tries to add some mystery behind each work and each piece has a certain allure behind it.

His works are often very useful for advertising or magazine covers. The pieces often contain a dark background contrasted against a very colorful image.  The use of celebrity faces and attractive women make his works enticing.

I decided to research Seveso because he often creates these works with people. since my collage needed a lot of people, I tried to d raw some inspiration from his works, but I definitely wanted to try my own thing on the project.  I tried to use some of his effects in some of the shadow figures I had in my project, but the closet one to his work is when I created the character with a bunch of tops in him. I didn’t leave the bounds of the figure like Seveso usually does. with his own works