Friday, April 8, 2011

More Advertisement Pictures

Advertisement Color Palettes

The main idea of my colors is to represent the outside of the lens as being colder, and less vibrant than the colors on the inside. I want the inside to be exciting while the outside is more dull.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

See What You’re Missing

For my advertising campaign, I will be promoting a type of sunglasses and also regular glasses. James Bond was a part of the influencer behind this campaign.  As a kid, I was totally obsessed with James Bond. Every aspect of him, from his suave style to his illustrious action scenes, made me fall in love with the movies. But my favorite part of each movie was always the gadgets. Jetpacks, poison pens, x-ray glasses, he always had some sort of gadget to save the day.  The sunglasses (gadget or not) have always been a part of Bond’s persona, and a seemingly simple thing to advertise, because who doesn’t want to be like James Bond? And the idea of visuals being displayed on the glasses gave me ideas for advertisements.

The target audience for these promotions will likely suit most people with eye problems. After researching a few surveys, the consensus is that about 75% of the United States population needs glasses. While this product should be relevant to most people, I will primarily target the 18-35 age group.

 The advertisements will consist of different viewpoints for each gender.  The type of glasses will be a man or women’s design depending on the focus. The sunglasses will be more neutral.

In my advertisement for the sunglasses, I want to convey an exaggeration of the effects the sunglasses have. Primarily, turning an ordinary day to a warm day at the beach. I will do this by using the lens as a sort of window to the beach while the rest of the image is darker. I will use a balance of warm and cold colors to contrast the two. 

For the glasses, I will have an image of something that seems one way when seen outside of the lens, but when looking through the lens (the inside), everything is in a different perspective. The inside part of the image will be sharp and easy to see. However, the outside will only become more and more blurry as it forms outward.

As of right now, the tagline for the advertisements will be: “See What You’re Missing”

Advertisement will be looking through the lens like this.

I might use a bright sun and make it less bright through a polarized lens.

I want to use hot and cold imagery (colors), found this as a good depiction.